Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some new Haul Pictures

Hey guys!

In the past few weeks I got some new MACCIES and I'll show it to you today.

In the Gallery Quad: This is from the Make Up Art Cosmetics LE, designed by Richard Philips, like the Photo Realism Quad, too.
Some say that colours are chalky and don't have much payoff, but this is not true.
You should never judge an Eyeshadow by handswatches. On my hands, swatches are always sheer and not very impressing. But on lid, with a base, these colours look definately NOT chalky! They are really beautiful and I must confess, surprisingly I prefer this quad to Photo Realism. Those colours are perfect and so gorgeous especially for dark brown or green eyes. Believe me! lol. This Quad shouldn't be put down so much.

I'll do a look with this quad to show you, how gorgeous the colours really are.

Nymphette Lipglass: I wanted to have this since I saw it on a counter in August. Finally I got it! I like this, it is a rose but also lil bit peachy colour with golden shimmer in it. I couldn't catch this effect on my pictures, sorry :-(

Here are some swatches:

Sorry, you can see all my discolorations around my mouth area. I didn't have any make up on.

Goldmine Eyeshadow: I thought about getting this when I saw a few tutorials by lovely Zerin. This is a Desi Colour which fits nice to nearly everything, especially browns, reds/pinks and greens.
Prussian Eyeshadow: I'm not the biggest fan of blue Eyeshadows, but this is the sort of blue I really love. It's a Matte² Finish and very pigmented.

Because yesterday (September 25) was my 23th birthday, I got some money and of course I bought some new MAC items, lol.

Breezy Blush: Breezy is a rose-berry coloured sheertone blush. Berry colours are very popular this fall. I didn't try it out on my cheeks yet (I will do this afternoon) but in the pan and on my hand it looks so gorgeous.

Girlie Eyeshadow: This is the old rose shade I looked for a long time. Yippie! lol
Omega Eyeshadow: I wanted a neutral beige which comes close to my natural lid colour (or a little bit darker). This will be perfect for any neutral look.

Ok, that's all for today!


Sisa ♥

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GoldBeauty88 said...

Ooh awesome haul! I got so many things too apart from the quads I kept finding colours that I already had which were quite similar :)

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