Friday, March 19, 2010

Give me the Liberty of London Lipstick Swatches!

So this is part 2 of my haul! I bought 3 lipsticks from the "Give me the Liberty of London" LE which will come out in Germany around April 1st! Unfortunately it will be store exclusive here =( so I ordered these 3 babies together with my Colour 3 Quad in the U.S.

I've been so fixed on by those 3 lipsticks when I saw swatches, so I needed to get em!

Blooming Lovely, Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks

The design is so cute... and I even love the birdy side (yes Zerin, I do! haha)

Petals & Peacocks (Amplified): I never mentioned wearing this kind of shade but now I wanted to try it out and wow, I think it looks good on me! hehe. It is described as a bright fuchsia pink, and I don't have any shades to compare with. Many say it is comparable to Show Orchid or Gladiola (LE).

Ever Hip (Cremesheen): I love Cremesheen lipsticks and I love peaches and corals (maybe I'll go for Peachstock l/s later) so I had to get this! It is buildable in colour like every cremesheen and a little more darker and coral than Shy Girl

(from left to right) Ever Hip, Shy Girl, Colour me Coral (LE)

Blooming Lovely (Amplified) is like a more toned down version of Lavender Whip (LE). Since it is an amplified, it is more pigmented. Lavender whip is a bit more pink, while blooming lovely has a mauvey grey undertone, but there is no big difference at all. So if you missed Lavender Whip, you should give this a try!

Blooming Lovely (left), Lavender Whip

So what do you guys think about this LE???

Sisa ♥♥♥

Colour 3 Quad

Some new Maccies arrived today and of course I want to show you what I got =) I decided to split it into 2 postings so that they wouldn't be too long and heavy... lol
So let's begin with the Colour 3 Quad from the Spring Colour Forecast LE!

At first I decided to skip this quad because I have so much purples in my palette and it seemed to be very similar to the In the Gallery Quad from the Makeup Art LE last year which I own. Then... when I saw swatches I changed and wanted to have this, because the colours are unique... and it was sold out everywhere =( But I had the chance to order it from the U.S. and so I didn' hesitate, lol

Top row: Mink Pink, Bruised Plum
Bottom row: Black Tulip, Jungle Moon (I LOVE the names... did you ever buy something just because of it's name? lol)

Mink Pink (Veluxe) is a light yoghurt pink shade. The finish feels like matte but a little bit creamy. I never had an eyeshadow with this finish before.

Bruised Plum (Veluxe Pearl) is like a more pink toned version of shale.

Black Tulip (Frost) is like a mix between Satellite Dreams and Nocturnelle from the permanent line. I don't know why it's called Frost because it doesn't feel like a frost, more like a Veluxe Pearl.

Jungle Moon (matte) is a dark eggplant colour. It is much more pigmented than the darkest colour of the In the Gallery Quad.

So the quads have a new design... I love it, it looks more sophisticated, doesn't it? This is the Colour 3 Quad (left) compared to In the Gallery Quad (right) which has the old design

You see the colours are very different. Colour 3 is much more pigmented while In the Gallery is more on the pastel side.

(left to right) Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip, Jungle Moon

So if you have the chance.. go and grab this quad! =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coastal Scents HD Foundation!

I want to introduce to you my biggest surprise in "the neverending story of finding the right makeup". It's the Coastal Scents Undercover High Definition Foundation!

Note: I purchased these products on my own, I don't have any connections to Coastal Scents. I'll review in my honest opinion.

Coastal Scents Undercover HD Foundation ST-04 and ST-05.
I read so many raving reviews about this foundation, but also some who were disappointed. I was not sure if I should try it, because I already had 2 foundations (and 2 shades of each), plus I didn't know which colour of the wide range (14 shades available!) I should choose. It's hard to decide when you just have pics from the internet, but I changed when I noticed that you can now order samples of it to choose the right shade! One sample is just about $0.49 and with my last order I got a sample of the foundation in ST-04, which is said to be the right shade for the NC30 or NC25 range.
When I received the sample, I put the foundation on in the morning around 10 a.m. Then we went outside to have a nice day. I noticed the shade was too light for me. I'm not really an NC25, more of an NC30-35, but I own this shade to mix it with darker ones... think I would need an NC27 in winter and an NC32-35 in summer... two of these shades don't exist, so I mix it. Anyway, it was too light, but it didn't bother me much, I wanted to give it a try, though I still was very sceptical. My past experiences with foundations tought me, that a low priced foundation cannot be very good...

The first thing surprising me was the finish in combination to my dry skin. The finish is definately matte (but not powdery or chalky!) and I always had problems with matte finishes, my skin looked dry and flakey. But with this foundation my skin didn't look flaky, it looked just matte, poreless and evenly. It was very easy to apply it as I do with all my foundations, using a flat top brush.
The coverage is buildable from light to medium without looking cakey. It feels very lightweight, which is good.
After I was out all day I came back about 8 p.m. and looked into the mirror. That was the biggest surprise: The foundation was still there. Completely. It didn't run or set in my dry areas, it was still where I applied it. And I still looked matte... wow! I really love my MAC foundations and they had been the best-lasting foundations I had... till I tried this one out.
The next good thing: It didn't oxidize. Most of the foundations oxidize on my skin but this one stood true in colour.
So on the same evening I ordered two full sizes of CS HD Foundation. ST-04 and ST-05 for $16.95 each. This is about 10€, just to compare, MAC foundations are around 29€.

The packaging is a little bit cheap looking (by the way, it's plastic, not glass). I love expensive looking packages but at least the content is more important.
It has a plastic pump. It's easy to handle but I heard, some have problems with it... dunno...

Coastal Scents HD Foundation compared to MAC shades:

left to right: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish NC25, Coastal Scents HD ST-04, Coastal Scents HD ST-05, MAC Mineralize Satinfinish NC30
I know the MAC ones look quite messy, lol

No flash
I'd say Satinfinish NC25 and ST-04 look similar. Studio Sculpt NC25 is just a tiny bit darker. I would recommend it for beauties with NC25 shade.

No flash
ST-05 is a little bit darker than MAC Mineralize Satinfinish NC30 and a little bit lighter than Studio Sculpt NC40. The MAC foundations look more yellow, while ST-05 has kind of an apricot undertone (ST-04 doesn't!). On my skin it looks absolutely okay, I don't look orange or anything, but some may have problems with this shade. I would recommend this to the NC30-35 range.


Pro+ :
- a wide range of shades to choose from
- natural and matte finish
- can be used by nearly every skin type, even dry skin
- high staying power
- low price
- you need smallest amount (just 1 pump for the whole face)

- cheap looking packaging
- only yellow based shades (beauties in the NW range will have problems to find the right shade)
- you can only get it online (but you can get samples to try the shades before buying fullsize)

I would definately recommend it.
I hope this helped!
And now I'll go to my couch and cure my tonsillitis...

Sisa ♥♥♥

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Colour Forecast & Viva Glam Gaga Swatches

Cultureclash l/g, Colour Me Coral l/g, Viva Glam Gaga l/g, Nanogold e/s

Colour Me Coral Lipstick
I was very sceptical because normally I don't like frost finishes but this lipstick doesn't look chunky at all. It has a nice sheen and looks fabulous to tanned skin.

Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick
I know many will hate this colour on me, lol. But I like it. Since it is a Lustre, the colour is buildable. It reminds me of Snob l/s from the permanent line.
Sorry, my lips are still inflamed and have no contour :-(

Culture Clash Lipgloss
It appears very poppy in the tube but when worn it has a nice sheer pink sheen with fine glitter.

I didn't manage to get a swatch of Nanogold e/s... the flash of my camera always killed it. And without flash it was still invisible.
In the pan it appears like a light golden sparkly tone, but when worn it has a light pearly pink sheen to it, which reminds me of Seedy Pearl e/s from the permanent line.
So far, have a nice week!
Sisa ♥♥♥
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