Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Classic Look

I wanted to try out my new Ruby Woo lipstick and so I decided to do a classic look with light neutral eyes and bold red lips. This is very unusual for me. Do you like it?


MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC30
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Medium Plus
MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer NW25 (undereye circles)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30 (blemishes)
MAC Blot Powder Medium

Alverde Eyeshadow Base
MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre (base)
MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow (lid)
MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow (crease)
MAC Cork Eyeshadow (darken crease and outer V)
MAC Showstopper Eyeshadow (slightly to lower lashline)

Coastal Scents Gel Liner True Black
A random white eye khol to the waterline
Chanel Inimitable Mascara

MAC Brow Set Mink
Eyebrowz Browpowder Soft Black
Eyebrowz Brow Powder Jet Black

MAC Bronzing Powder Refined Golden (Contour)
MAC Blush Breezy
MAC MSF By Candlelight (cheek highlight)

MAC Prep+Prime Lips
Any random red lipliner
MAC Lipstick Ruby Woo
Clear Lipgloss

You see, I got my brown hair back because I was annoyed of my growing roots, I had to dye it every 3-4 weeks... but I don't feel very happy with it =(
Thanks for reading and commenting!
Sisa ♥♥♥

News in my beautycase!

I got a few new things in january/february and now I found the time to take some pictures =)

MAC Eyeshadows: Paradisco, Swish, Hepcat (top row), Electra, Silver Ring (middle row), Cork, Woodwinked (bottom row)

Paradisco is such a gorgeous colour but very sheer on my complexion. I need to grub in the pan to get a visible amount of colour :(

Swish is a nice, blue-based poppy pink. It goes very well with brown eyes and has a little metalic shimmer in it.

Hepcat is a darker purple pink. It looks great paired with Swish!

Electra is the classic silver eyeshadow with a hint of blue, but not as much as Silverthorn e/s.

Silver Ring is a shimmery steel grey with a hint of blue, too, it's like a darker version of Electra.

Cork is a matte, mid-toned brown every palette needs. I was looking for Saddle e/s but it was sold out everywhere. So I got Cork as an alternative and it works great.

Woodwinked looks like a mix of antique gold and bronze. You should try it with Quite Natural Paint Pot as a base, it looks faboulous because it brings out the opulent, golden shimmer.

MAC Lipsticks: Ruby Woo (left) and Velvet Teddy

MAC Ruby Woo is a classic, blue-based red. It's the first choice for girls of my complexion if they look for a classic and bold red. It's a matte finish, on the picture I wear it with a small amount of clear gloss on top.

MAC Velvet Teddy is a matte, dark beige. It looks like my lips, just a few darker. So for pigmented lips it's a typical MLBB (my lips but better) shade. I love to wear it in everyday looks.

I finally purchased my very first Benefit products. They were in sale, 7.99€ each. I bought "Her Glossiness A-list" lipgloss in"didn't hear it from me" (what a name for a lipgloss! lol) and "The Gloss" lipgloss in "rave reviews". I love the packaging, it reminds me of the 50ies.

Rave Reviews looks like a dark red in the tube, but on my lips it is sheer. It makes my lips look a little bit more red and healthier.

Didn't hear it from me is a cute peachy pink shade in the tube, but on my pigmented lips it is invisible, so I didn't bother doing any lip swatches. But it looks great on top of peach or peachy pink lipsticks like MAC Shy Girl.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
Sisa ♥♥♥

Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow I've just noticed, that my little blog has now 100 followers! Yay!
You guys made me really happy, a big THANK YOU and an even bigger hug to you all =) Love ya ♥
And I promise I'll come up soon with new posts. Just a little bit busy and stressed these days...
Sisa ♥♥♥

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Nails!

Today I visited my friend and she designed my nails again =) We got more colourful this time. The tips which appear white in the picture are of a light lavender colour in person.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Haul and Swatches!

I grabbed some things from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection which came out in Germany around the last weekend. The idea of this collection is to present colours, which should be wearable for everyone now matter how old, how dark or light or whatever ;-) I didn't plan to buy as much but those babies cried "Buy me!" lol I know I'm insane.

That's my little haul (clockwise from the top): Mink Brow Set, Glamour for All Lipglass, Spirit & Soul Lipglass, Showstopper Eyeshadow, Empowered Lipstick.

I bought Mink Brow Set because I like Brow Sets to keep my brows in shape and make them appear fuller. I own Show Off but this is too warm and red. Mink ist the perfect colour, it's like Showstopper as a brow set, so I bought this and will give Show Off away.

Showstopper is a dark, cool brown. It's like Satin Taupe in a much darker and matte version (although I think the finish is Satin... or Velvet? I'll have a look at it). It's close to Night Manoeuvres from the Style Warrior LE. Night Manoeuvres is just a little lighter and has a tiny different undertone.

This is Glamour for all Lipglass. I've been looking out for a milky pink and opaque lipglass and now I found it. It is not as sheer as the most ligplasses from the past collections (in the last time... don't you think MAC made their lipglasses sheerer and sheerer? There have been tons of lipglasses, which looked nice in the tube but invisible on my lips!)

This is Spirit & Soul Lipglass. I bought this to have a "partner" for my brown lipsticks. This is a coconutty colour with some frost.

Empowered Lipstick (Satin) -I know this swatch looks very untidy, I have dried out lips and forgot to wear a lipliner. When I began doing makeup I only wore brown lipsticks. Later I began to hate them because they looked "old fashioned"... well, it's a question of taste and it depends on the brown you're using. Empowered is a timeless classic brown shade and I'm looking forward to wear it with golden eye makeups.

Empowered Lipstick paired with Spirit & Soul Lipglass.
Big hug,
Sisa ♥♥♥
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