Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey guys!!!

I know I've been not here for SO LONG! SORRY! I was so busy with work and real life that I couldn't find any time to do some blogspot... and, honestly, sometimes I was just too lazy.

So... there is a big change happened about 3 weeks ago... I got my 60cm long hait SHORTCUT!
I didn't feel comfortable any longer with this long hair... it looked alwas boring and didn't have any volume... it was also damaged by countless colouring experiments. And then I saw one of my customers who had long hair before and then got her hair cut in this style... and I was just like "WOW!" So I decided to do that step and I didn't regret it yet for one second.

Please excuse my shiny and untidy look, it was a long day and my makeup was done 9 hrs before, lol

I also got light blonde highlights all over my head ... if anyone with my complexion wants to wear blonde hair, a light silver blonde should be chosen. Any gold blondes look horrible to my skintone.

The hair in my neck isn't too short, so it strechtes my silhouette and doesn't appear too short and masculine.

Do you like my new hairstyle?
P.S.: The look I'm wearing is from a Tutorial by XinaRox ...
plus Comfort MSF as a blush and Cherish Lipstick by MAC
Sisa ♥♥♥


blazeno.8 said...

It's good to have you back! I missed seeing your posts.

strawbemmy said...

die haare sind ab! ;)
schön, dass du dich getraut hast, die frisur steht dir wirklich gut. :D

BigSunshine said...

Wow! RESPEKT! Ich würde mich das vermutlich nie trauen *gg*
Die kurzen Haare stehen dir saugut!

Anonymous said...

Wow, dass sieht echt hammer aus! Wie ne richtige Rockerin ;)

sanmec said...

Wow! Was für eine Verwandlung! Sieht gut aus. Vielleicht willst du mal über die neue Frisierroutine berichten.

Sabina ♥ said...

ich plane ein Schmink-Projekt auf meinem Blog, wenn du Lust hast dann kannst du hier gucken:

LG Sabina

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