Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some new Maccies ♥

Hey guys! Some new Maccies found their new home in my palettes, lol.

Peachykeen Blush: This is a Sheertone Shimmer Blush. I looked for a peachy blush, at first I wanted to have Melba, but since it is a matte (and I'm not so into matte blushes) I decided for Peachykeen. So cute and gives a very warm glow.

Beauty Marked Eyeshadow: I wanted a kinda darker version of Sketch to darken my crease more but don't use black, especially on purple or brown Eye Make Up. Beauty Marked is a Velvet finished eyeshadow, like a black-brown with bordeaux red glitter.

Tilt Eyeshadow: I'm not kidding, this is the very first lighter blue eyeshadow I bought in my whole life. I've always been afraid of light blue eyeshadows, because there have been so much cruel make ups with that kind of shade in the past, lol, and much people think of prostitutes with light blue eyeshadow and red lips. Well, I don't want to wear it that way. I think in combination with Prussian, Deep Truth or Contrast it will look pretty. Its finish is Frost.

Swimming Eyeshadow: Since I am into greens, I had to get this. It's a little bit more blueish and intense than Juxt. It is a Lustre... I know many people don't like Lustres because they find it too glittery, but I like this finish and with a good base on they last as long as any other finish.
I will try out some of them tomorrow. Maybe I'll do a new FOTD.

Sisa ♥♥♥

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