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To be honest...

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I'll share 10 honest things about me... with you! lol

1. I love cats. I have three cats and if I'd had more room, I would definately have more cats! Cats are so sweet and cuddly. Especially my himalayan cat loves me like I was her Godness, LOL... it lays before me like a devotee an purrs all the time *rrrrrr* they are really good friends who comfort me when I'm sad or something...

2. My natural hair colour is light brown. Yes, it is! Everyone is surprised when I'm telling that, because everybody considers me having dark brown or black hair because of my skintone and eye colour. Since I have multicultural roots, the light hair is the heritage of my European ancestry, while the complexion and eye colour come from my Indian/Arabian/South European roots.

3. I'm colouring my hair and doing Make Up, since I am 12 years old. The first things I did were red highlights and mascara , a few years later I began using eyeliner and khol liner.
My skills increased extremely in the past 8 months, since I began watching tutorials on youtube.

4. At first, I hated MAC! I really hated it. I won some items in a raffle 2 years before. It was Purple Haze Eyeshadow, Technakohl Liner in any purple colour and Dark Angel Nail Polish.
Well, Purple Haze hates me. It don't wanna come up onto my lid, lol. The Liner didn't show up either, it was not really pigmented... and I needed at least 3 coats of Dark Angel! I was so disappointed! I thought: What a mad quality for that money...
In january I got a 10% off coupon for an onlie drugstore... and since they've all been worshipping MAC so badly in the beauty community I usually write ( I decided to give MAC another chance. Good idea (well, not for my wallet...)! I bought Contrast, Seedy Pealr and Juxt and this time I was very satisfied and my MAC love began to increase...

5. I really want to convert to Judaism. Oh, yeah! The only problem is, that there isn't any synagogue close to where I'm living, which offers Gijur (converting). I hope you don't hate me now, lol. Judaism and Israel are the love of my live.

6. I call my lovely man my "husband", but in truth we are not married (yet...). It feels like he is my husband since we've been together for such a long time (nearly 5 yrs) and I think at age 33 he's too old to call him a boyfried, LOL.

7. On August 10 I'll finally begin to study cosmetology =)

8. I am the kitchen chief wherever I get the possibility to cook. I love cooking, and, yes, eating *sigh* which causes a little overweight. But I love good food too much as I would dispense for a better body shape. I can offer you dishes from allover the world, from traditional German to Italian, Indian, Asian, South American and African Food. Say what you want to eat and I'll cook it ;-) and I am always interested in new recipes. I REALLY thought over having an cooking and eating blog!

9. I am a nightingale. I am most effective between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. ... consequential I like to sleep till high noon.

10. I already travelled to 3 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia) and visited 12 countries (Germany, Great Britain, France, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Tunesia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Kenya).
The most relaxing holiday we had in Finland... we were in a little "Mökki" (cottage) on a lake in the forest. And no one around us!
The most interesting holiday was in Kenya... we did a Safari! :-)
And as I told you, my beloved country is Israel... melting pot of different cultures...

Okay, that's it!

I tag everyone of my readers!

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GoldBeauty88 said...

aww you call your man husband! That is just so cute!

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