Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm back + Collective Haul

Hey guys!

I'm back since yesterday. Wahoo! We had surprisingly good weather, high temperatures and a lotta sunshine. I actually tanned a little bit, I never expected I would, lol. We had lots of fun but after a few days I got circulation problems... it was the right time to leave ;-(

As I came home, wonderful mail waited for me - some MAC items I ordered, hehe.
I also wanted to get Porcelain Pink from the new Color Craft LE, but it was already sold out when I came home :-(( But there was a Smooth Merge MSF left and I ordered it. I think it will arrive on tuesday.

Cranberry: I wanted to get it for a longer time and when I wanted to buy it as a refill, there were no refills of Cranberry left and the MA told me that it is DISCONTINUED! Booo! So I got it in the pan and depotted it. Such a beautiful pinkish red Desi colour. Shame on MAC that they discontinue such pretty colours.

Nocturnelle: A lovely, lovely purple. The most beautiful purple I can imagine, hehe. I passed this for so long because I have a L'Oréal Eyeshadow which comes very close to it, but this L'Oréal one is a Holographic and has a different colour payoff. So I finally got Nocturnelle in my collection ♥

Ricepaper: I considered this way darker but although it is very nice golden-beige. It can be used as a lid colour and as a muted highlight as well.

All that Glitters: I think this is a very unique shade. It's a beigy golden with a bit of pink in it. Very cute!

Scene: Since I had no grey eyeshadow in my collection so far, I had to get Scene. It is a Satin but comes out very matte.

Carbon: I also have a L'Oréal Dupe which comes very close to it, but it is a lil glittery and turned out to be a mess since I tried to press it in a pan, lol. MAC Carbon has no glitter in it, which is good to darken the outer corner or crease in any Eye Makeup.

At least I got MAC Brow Set in Show Off. It looks verry reddish brown in the tube, but in person definately not. I wanted to get a darker Brow Mascara and so I got this. I'll try it out for a while before I do review on it.
So far! Greetz =)) Sisa

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