Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 reasons why you need MAC Fix+

Fix+ is a MAC product from the permanent line. It is described as a fixing spray which contains vitamins, minerals, green tea, chamomille and cucumber. But many ask: Do I really need this product? I say: YES. And I give you 5 reasons, why you need Fix+ =)

1. Fixing your Make Up:

This is the primal purpose for this product. A spritz of Fix+ on your done Make Up makes it last much longer and gives you a natural glow and provides a cakey and overpowdered look.

2. Apply Foundation flawlessly:

If you wet your sponge or foundation brush with a little bit of Fix+, your foundation applies even more flawlessly than with a dry or simple water moistened sponge/brush.

3. Prepare your Face:

Fix+ can also be used as a primer. Give a little sprutz of Fix+ on your face and spread it. This makes your skin soft and moistened, especially when you have these dry areas... it works even better than Prep+Prime Face.

4. Work with Mineralize Eyeshadows:

Mineralize Eyeshadows are much easier to handle, if you wet your eyeshadow brush with a little bit of Fix+ before using. The colour is more opaque and you don't have that messy fallouts.

5. Refreshing:

Especially in Summer a spritz of Fix+ can be very refreshing, without demolishing your Make Up, like usual water would do!

So if this reasons convinced you, look out and grab this baby ;-)

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