Friday, June 26, 2009

Hooray, Holiday

At first: I know it's absolutely off topic but I am so shocked about the death of Michael Jackson. I haven't been a fan these days, but when I was a child I really liked his music and his music was the first serious I listened to. He was a great artist, a genius and he will be a legend like Elvis Presley.
R.I.P. Michael

Ok let's talk about something better.
Tomorrow is holiday time! Yeah!I'll be away till July 4.
We stay in Germany this year and rented a House on the Müritzsee in northern Germany... near the Baltic Sea.It is the first time that we don't go to a foreign country since years. It makes me a little bit sad.... but anyway, it's better than staying at home! And it's also the first time we go to holiday with friends. Me, my husband and our 4 bandmates, hehe... I think it will be funny and we'll be doing lots of music sessions.

Last year me and my husband went to Israel. I absolutely love this country! It's my soul's home, I love it, love it, love it! And I miss this time so badly... but I'll come back, Israel, any day.

That's me in summer 2008 in a boat on Lake Genezareth.

Unfortunately we currently do not have good weather in Germany. I hope it will be better next week...

I hope you'll have a nice week without me, lol.


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