Sunday, June 21, 2009

Style Warrior

I think this is a very cute LE since I love animal prints. The lipsticks didn't bother me so much, but 3 of the eyeshadows, because I didn't have any similar shades yet.

Bright Future (Veluxe Pearl): I never thought I'd wear yellow, but the cute Janny from inspired me and it looks very pretty. It shows up more like a light, yellowish gold on my complexion. You can also build up the intensity from sheer to opaque.

Tempting (Lustre): I really, really love this colour. This is a nice, bronzy coco shade that goes with every kind of brown or olive greens. You can create really beautiful neutral looks with it.

Night Manoeuvres (Satin): I didn't have any cool medium to dark brown shade in my collection, so I definately had to get this. On the pic it seems to have some glitter in it, but in fact there is no glitter showing up on the lid, it's more matte and really nice to darken the crease or create some dark brown smokey eyes as well.

On A Mission Blush (Beauty Powder Blush): This one seems to be very cool in the pan but shows up warm on my cheeks, like a plum with peachy reflects. It is very discreet but leaves a little bit of pearly shimmer. I heard it's very similar to Breath of Plum Blush.

I skipped the other items because they weren't so interesting and I need to save money... for the Colour Craft LE, lol.


GoldBeauty said...

soooo pretty :) xx

Sisa said...

Thank you... you're buttering me, lol

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