Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coastal Scents made my Weekend!

On friday last week there was a sale 14% off the whole Coastal Scents Website. I did order some cute things ;-) And today they finally arrived. YAY! And of course I tried them out at once.

(What do you think about my trashy basket? LOL)
1. Synthetic Shadow Brush: It has the ideal size to put on lid colour. It is so dense and doesn't prick my eyelid anyway. Good colour payoff, you can pat the colour on and blend it as well. I bought 2 of them, because when I use one I can wash the other and let it dry in the meantime.
2. Flat Liner Contour Brush: This one is very dense, but pointy too, so it gives a very natural result if you put on Brow Powder with it. You can do your eyeliner with this brush as well.
3. Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow Brush: A good brush for some details, especially putting colour on the inner or outer corner of the eyelid. It feels really comfortable and works good.

4. Angled Liner Pro Art Detail Brush: The one who forged this must have been a genius, lol. I really love Gel Liners, but I had some problems to put them on. It was hard to figure out the right angle and I always hit my mirror with the end of the brush... ouch! But that's no problem anymore, I think. I tried out this brush and that's my personal happy end für Gel Liners, lol. I can do a clean eyeline and don't hit the mirror anymore. LOVE IT!
5. Sifter Jar 30 gram and Mica Powder Plain: I already put some of the Mica Powder, mixed with the rest of my L'Oréal Mattifying Minerals Translucent Powder into this jar. I use this to put it under my eyes for any eyeshadow fallout and maybe to mix it with some pigments.
But the sifter is very loose in this jar, it always falls apart :-(

Gel Liner Truffle: I didn't have any brown liner yet, so I got this. A nice and softer alternative to black liner, it will look cute to any neutral look.
I will refer about Coastal Scents Gel Liners in a separate posting.

Hope this helps! You should really try out Coastal Scents Brushes. A very good quality for payale prices!

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