Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lil MAC Haul

Yesterday I did Back2MAC again. Not in Dresden like I did last time, but in Leipzig. Luckily I had no problems giving back depotted eyeshadow pans.

As my Back2MAC Lipstick I chose Patisserie. This is a pinkish-beige lustre lipstick... the perfect MLBB colour. It comes close to Marquise D', but is a little bit more transparent and neutral.

I also tried Hue, but it was way to light.

And finally I got Lovechild Lipglass. I thought about getting it for a long time, but I wanted to see it in person. I really liked it, so I bought it. I am not that lipglass junkie, but there are some shades which are really gorgeous. I might get Nymphette sometime in future.


Lilly said...

patisserie ist eine farbelhafte lippenstiftfarbe und steht dir toll. allerdings finde ich deine lippen mit lovechild lipglass noch ein wenig hübscher.

XINAR0X said...

Nice haul. I love LoveChild lipgloss as well. It was my third ever lipgloss and many bought it because of my recs. lol I'm also thinking of getting Nymphette seems so pretty!

Sisa said...

@Lilly: Macht ein bisschen mehr Kontur und Kontrast, gell? Also mir gefällts auch sehr!

@Xina: I also bought it because of your and a friend's rec, LOL. It's so pretty. If I had more money these days, I would also have got Nymphette yesterday... but my wallet is so damn empty, lol

Schminkmädchen said...

Love Lovechild on you! Really pretty. :)

GoldBeauty88 said...

ooh such pretty colours! I haven't got nethier of those lipstick and lipgloss I must purchase lovechild I'm fallin for the colour so pretty! I have Hue lipstick it was one of my very first lipsticks :D

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