Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I use frequently: Cheek products


From time to time, I wanna introduce to you things I use frequently by doing Make up!
I'll begin with my favourite cheek products.

This is the Coastal Scents Contour Palette. I LOVE it and I use it everyday. The brown shade is perfect for contouring cheeks and the whole face as well. The white shade, mixed with the peachy or light pink shade, is a nice highlighter (a highlighter hasn't always to be glittery or something, it can be matte as well!). The blushes have a very good pigmentation. Use them carefully! And it was only about 18$... just get it!

From top to bottom:

I'd say, all shades are matte, the blushes may be a lil bit pearly, like MAC Satin or Velvet.

MAC Well Dressed Blush is my favourite, favourite everyday blush. It comes out really light on my complexion and you can never wear "too much". It gives you an absolutely natural looking. HIGHLY recommed it for all skintones between NC15 and NC42.

MAC Soft and Gentle MSF really is an allrounder. I frequently use it as a cheekbone highlight, but it can be used on the browbone or anything else as well. I thought it was the only MSF left in the permanent assortment.

All swatches are made on NC30 to NC35 skin.

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GoldBeauty88 said...

i love mac soft and gentle :)

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