Friday, December 25, 2009

Love Lace Swatches

Today I want to show you my mini haul from the new MAC Love Lace Limited Edition.

I bought Love Lace and Suave Intentions e/s which are really pretty colours. Suave Intentions is very similar to Tilt e/s form the permanent line, but it has a more silvery undertone.
I also got Light Affair Nail Lacquer (cream finish) since I find it an unique and opaque colour.
The rest of the LE didn't seem so interesting to me. I know everyone raves about Feline Eye Khol, but I have enough good eye khols in my beautycase so I didn't need another one.

I know it's super messy and untidy... I just wanted to give you an idea of the colour.

Sisa ♥♥♥


Karrie said...

auf den lack freu ich mich schon
zu deiner gebräunten haut ist der direkt ein kontrast
ist echt ein jammer wenn man kalte und warme farben tragen kann :-D

Sisa said...

Ja, das ist schrecklich, dann muss man nämlich alles kaufen *g*
Den lack finde ich total schön, bei den Junkies sah der bei allen so nude/hautfarben aus und bei mir ist der richtig hell

Kelly said...

That nail polish is definatly on my wish list for this collection! I'm not sure about the rest of it though. I might pick up Feline, but I'm not 100% on that. I love my UD 24/7 liner so might be a little bit pointless.

Think I'm going to pick up more goodies when Warm and Cosy comes out instead

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