Sunday, December 6, 2009

MAC Christmas Haul

This is my MAC Christmas Haul (part 1 maybe, lol). On wednesday I had the chance to went to a MAC Counter, as we went to Dresden. I Back2MACed another lipstick (Snob... so cute!) and bought some other things as well. Besides I ordered 2 Refills and a new Eyeshadow Palette from another MAC Counter in Munich, which arrived yesterday.

My little haul from Dresden. I bought Select Cover-Up Concealer to give my undereye circles a little more coverage in winter, since they appear darker in this season :-(

2 new refills. I wanted Parfait Amour for a long time and finally I got it. The other brown eyeshadows I got because I'm on the brown trip right now, lol

Mocha, isn't it gorgeous? This colour is kinda neutral (not warm or cold either) and will fit to nearly every eye makeup.

MAC Snob with some transparent lipgloss on top (since it is a satin, it may appear to dry on your lips when you wear it alone). Such a cute Bubblegum Pink.


Karrie said...

snob sieht super aus! viel spaß mit den sachen

Sisa said...

Hey Karrie, den Snob hab ich bei dir entdeckt und wollte ihn dann haben, hehe

Bluebell said...

Sieht alles toll aus, Snob ist auch auf meiner Wunschliste :).

Zerin said...

Great haul! I just got myself Mocha Blush and I love it! You should definitely put Parfait Amour e/s on a black looks GORGEOUS!!!!!! I don't really like parfait amour alone...looks a bit dull.

maya said...

Nice haul! Ich hab auch Snob, leider benutze ich ihn kaum. Ich fand ihn auch eher austrocknend.

Princesita said...

O mann,du bist so süß:))...und parfait amour ist wansinn ich liebe es

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